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Through the provision of structured Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programmes to architects, engineers and other construction professionals on all aspects of timber design and construction, embracing the latest engineered and modified timber technologies as well as more traditional building methods.


Through the construction of demonstration projects that utilise the timber products and systems developed within its innovation programme. Timber Design Initiatives Ltd seeks to publicly demonstrate advances in timber design and engineering by enabling the fabrication and testing of full-scale, prototypical structures that can also be shown to add value to the built environment.



Through the development of new engineered timber products and construction systems. This has included the publication of specialised books on mass timber, through to projects such as Build Back Rural

Innovation lies at the heart of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd’s work: innovation in professional education for architects and engineers; innovation in the development and use of new, timber-based products and construction systems; and innovation in the demonstration and testing of the scientific and technological advances that have moved wood from perceptions of it being suited only to simple, low-cost buildings to the new and exciting, high-technology frontiers being opened by engineered timber products. 

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Building upon thirty years of accumulated academic and practical experience, architect Peter Wilson founded Timber Design Initiatives Ltd in 2015 with the primary objective of encouraging innovation in timber design and construction, with a focus on mass timber systems as a solution to the rural housing crisis.


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