Dowel laminated timber technology ranges from ultra-simple board-on-board stacked plank systems to cross-laminated and diagonally-laminated solid timber panels in a wide range of thicknesses. In addition, there are four different dowel types used to connect the arrays of lamella that make up each panel. Parametric design and CNC cutting machines can be applied to create a variety of panel configurations, thus allowing considerable scope for architectural and engineering innovation in the use of this non-glued mass timber option. 


More information on panel types and dowels will initially appear in the journal and thereafter be added to this part of the site to create a library of technical information for use by designers, specifiers and builders.


More information and contact details of the more than 20 European producers of large-scale dowel laminated timber panels will be added to this section for reference purposes. The policy of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd is to provide independent, objective information to construction industry professionals and does not, therefore, promote or recommend individual companies. 


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