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Conceived around the idea of ‘taking the factory to the forest’, the mobile dowel laminated timber factory aims to provide ‘factory trains’ of equipment that can be transported to remote communities.

Three varieties of dowel laminated timber are currently produced in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - non-glued arrangements of stacked boards, cross laminated boards and cross/diagonal laminated boards. These are connected using different dowel options - hardwood fluted (ridged) or threaded hardwood rods are the most common types, whilst compressed softwood rods  and a dowelling method that involves high speed rotation welding to activate the lignin in the wood to produce a ‘glued’ bond have also undergone extensive R&D but are not yet commercially produced.  


Portable sawmill

Mobile kiln

Planing machine

Dowel lamination press

Mobile CNC Cutting Machine

types of DLT.png
types of DLT.png
types of DLT.png

Parallel (stacked plank) system

Cross laminated system

types of dowel.png

Diagonally laminated system



Compressed softwood

High speed rotation welding

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