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Agricultural Shift

Agriculture within the UK is facing a massive shift, as it is no longer financially viable for many small land owners. This project provides the opportunity to diversify the land use and provides further employment for the farm workers of the area, to retain the rural farming communities that contribute to the heritage of the UK.

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Community Sustainability

Many rural communities face a identity-crisis, with a lack of employment and affordable housing. This project will reclaim community identity and empower rural communities to build amenities and housing and when they require it, unique to their location.


 Are you a community group? Download our brochure for some more information.

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Net Zero Carbon

Dowel Laminated Timber, as a stacked system, uses more timber than timber frame. This results in more carbon being stored within the timber, which will in turn contribute to the UK's net zero carbon goals.

More on this can be found in our Impact Plan

Living in one of the remoter rural areas of the UK can be challenging, with high housing costs, limited employment opportunities and poor infrastructure all daily facts of life. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues and demands new and radical thinking to enable these communities to become more self-sufficient. The lack of affordable housing is a major contributor to demographic decline and the ability to build new, high-quality, energy-efficient  homes within the resources of local economies is fundamental to the future sustainability of small and often isolated settlements.

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30 % of Scotland's population live in rural communities

As people leave for urban areas with more amenities + prospects, rural populations decline

Natural resources are undervalued and exported rather than used locally

There is the opportunity to make better uses of these rural resources + labour

Enter: the mobile factory, using local wood to make mass timber panels for rural construction





Replication across rural areas caters to the needs of the community

End of Life

Utilising local, renewable resources is fundamental to how we build and sustain rural communities and a new modern method of localised construction is required.The answer: a mobile Dowel Laminated Timber factory - taking offsite manufacture onsite and making a modern, high value construction product locally from timber sourced from nearby forests.

Volunteers on Construction Site